The Dandelion Sydney, Australia

The Dandelion weave an old kind of magic. Their own mix of musical spells are not unlike those woven in the 1960's. With a sound like seeds turning into flowers they bring gifts for the Goddess of magical powers.

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Track Name: Garden of Yhi
It’s here in the garden where the beasts roam free, with eyes in the shadows and ghosts in the trees.
With secrets to uncover and remaining mysteries, follow me down to the garden of Yhi
When the night comes around and the sacred web is spun, it’s made into memories by the 8 legged ones
The hours of the evening far away from the sun, that will rise like a fire and burn everyone
Here in this garden you can walk alone, with the mystery of Yhi and time thats gone
And you may now try to understand, oh darling please take my hand.
Magic potions, garden emotions
Ways to conceal you, creeping and crawling and falling on through
Well shall we begin?
Track Name: Old Habits New Ways
Falling down down down, to the ways of the night and the underground
Everything’s clear oh so clear, take a good look around as the end is here
Moments away, star of the day, burn right through, me & you
Dark may fall, upon us all, here to stay, Milky Way
Ruins of the past may only last, dream come true for me and for you
We’re spinning round and round and round, we’re here on this earth but bound to the ground
Fly away away away, we long to take flight like the birds of the day and the bats of the night
Tell me its true its true its true, that there’s a life beyond this form for me and for you.
As the Gods came down from up above, they gave us hate but may we rule with Love.
Track Name: El Poncho Rojo
Wild breeze, we sail the seven seas
Finding me, forever eternally, forever eternally
A smile and a glow, it’s ever sweet you know
Say it’s so, now it’s time to go, yes now it’s time to go
The wind in your mind, sings of lonely times
It caves in your brain, I won’t be back again, no I won’t be back again
Track Name: Beneath the Rowan Tree
The Rowan tree is one of the sacred trees of Witchcraft and the Ancient Druids.
To sit beneath the Rowan Tree means one is safe from ethereal harm.
Track Name: All I Ever
The tempest fire that you leave, the garden shadow that you see
We’re safe and sounding at your door, the crystal eyes wanting more
And all I understand is you, and all I ever feel is true
In every moment that you breath, the goddess silence in you me
Whisper gently at your door, and always wanting more and more
And all you talk about is true, and all I ever see is you
I’ll unveil my sorrow for you and take the cloak from my veins
Wrap around me like a kiss on my neck and climb right into my brain
Where the sweet sound of death remains
The light of morning hits the dawn, the cold of winter carries on
The sweetest shadow at your door, the thrill of wanting more and more
And all I understand is you, and all I ever see is true
Track Name: Who May Have Found God?
Borne out of magic, hopelessly romantic, today is tomorrow, paranoia follows
Hold me up into the sky, so beautifully we die and hold me to the rain, so that I can feel again
I tell by your dreaming while you lie awake inside the strangest feeling
Cannot be described
I heard your God has been sleeping but now has been awakened!
I’ve been looking down upon you all throughout the years
I’ve watched you hate, I’ve seen you love and I’ve felt all of your tears
I’ve heard the curse that is thrown upon me and my name used in vain
But it is I who creates the shadow, for that is what will remain
Track Name: The Holy Son (what have you become?)
Way beyond simple repair, as the days are long but too long to care
Because your cold like the winter and I feel so old like a beggar
And where have you gone? You sleep too long
And where have you run? And what have you become?
Because your cold like the winter and I feel so old like a beggar
Light the dark the sun is the spark for you
Track Name: Message From the Fire
Burn Burn you’d think we’d rather learn, the message from the fire the flames are burning higher
A gift from down below it’s everything we know, rising to the fall it’s here to burn us all
it’s like a feeling that you wanna know, message from the fire!
It’s so revealing of what it can show, message from from the fire!
Take take you know it’s not to late, it’s everything you need when the blood is on the bleed
Come on into the scene say what you really mean, the message from the fire the flames are burning higher
You’ll find it’s meaning when you wanna show, message from the fire!
You’ll start believing when you wanna know, message from the fire!
Floor from the ceiling is where it will go, message from the fire!
Some call it dreaming and say it is so, message from the fire!
Take down the only mind of man and be the one to give up all the fire understands
It’ll wake you in the morning to the mirror of the night, message from the fire is the only thing in sight
it might rip you up and shake you down and make you sick as the merry go around
It’s a fire in the night makes the world to see, message from the fire is everything we need!
Track Name: de Silver's Dream
If only I could show you the places and people i’ve seen in my dreams
Track Name: Deep Down in the Hollow
I know we’re moving about, it’s like a feeling you must get out
So slow at walking around, it’s like some hearing another sound
Out here we are growing, where the light must fall and all you are showing
Sit down and tell me you need, what’s like a feeling that you can see
I know it’s eternally and everything is not what it seems
Mysteries of the follow, hide from the sun deep down in the hollow
Go back to sweet little lies, it’s like your waiting to realise
Some how while turning to leave, it’s like a feeling that you must need
Strange ways of the willow, stand side by side, lie on a pillow
Night sky tells a story fro the queen, the power and the glory are there to be seen
Track Name: Song for all Seasons
Cold ways out of in the fire, in the sun
Softly taken with desire, in the sun
It’s cold like a winter rain falling down again
Cold like falling rain calling down again
Moonbeam meadow of the wanting, for the sun
Cold wind broken but believing, in the sun
Track Name: Incognito
Sweeter surprises deeper disguises you’re a bound looker with a mind of your own
Sing a song soon but your over the gloom, a pair of nice petals but the honey is gone
And I wanna be sure that you won’t blow my cover
Memory and change this euphoria is strange, where you gonna run when they carry us home?
Picture in the glass but the others won’t last , where you gonna run when they carry us home?
And I wanna be sure that you won’t blow my cover
And I wanted everything that the others could bring but you know I won’t give it up now
And the sirens that sing while we all were waiting, won’t be following their traces on the ground
We’re all going down
Fly out into the evening, nocturnal daydreaming
Safe and sound there’s no one around
We’re all going down
Track Name: The June Light
When the June is yours, it may take a while to see
Where it came from I’m not sure, but someplace it will take me
In the nights that came following, shed the dreams of not believing
Cold as this winter may seem, the June light sun is beaming
Where it fails to see you, where it cannot get through
Where it sits all alone, where the June light once shone
In the eyes that came sorrowing, held the dreams that some were borrowing
Blessed as this winter may seem, the June light sun is beaming

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